Monday: Endless Horror or Awesome Opportunity?


The very word strikes fear into the heart of many workers and professionals in the United States.

This word is the word that means the end of freedom, the beginning of the slave-driving-filled five days before the next two days of freedom.

You’ll see blog posts, Facebook posts, and Twitter tweets all saying, “I wasn’t ready for today,” or “where did my weekend go?”

I used to be the same way.

Living only for the weekends…

Now, I celebrate Mondays.

And, yes, I am writing this on Monday the 13th.

As I said, I used to think this way.

I woke up on Monday. Monday through Friday, I thought, “I’ve gotta make it to the weekend.” Then — all weekend — I thought, “I’ve gotta enjoy this weekend before it’s over.” Monday, it was back to the, “I’ve gotta survive until the weekend” attitude.

Then…I realized…my thinking was all wrong.

I was — quite literally — living life for two days and trying to “fast forward” through five days.

Changing how I viewed Monday…and the entire week…

I began to ask myself: “What if I tried to enjoy those other five days?” and “What if I lived each day to the fullest?”

It took a lot of work…and it was quite the mental shift.

But, I’m finally there. Weekends are a time of rest, relaxation, and reading. Each weekday is packed with activity: exercise, meditation, reading, and work! I worked to move to an area of my company where I could feel like I was really using my talents. I worked with my supervisors to take on more responsibility that was more fulfilling.

My attitude was the biggest part of the equation. I stopped telling myself that “I’ve gotta survive until I make it to the weekend,” and started asking myself, “what can I do to enjoy each and every day?”

I kick butt every day at work, and I do my best to work in fun/relaxing activities before and after work.

The result? I don’t feel like I’m “wasting” my weekdays anymore.

Sure, I look forward to the weekends now….but the weekdays are equally exciting, and they are a chance to do something awesome.

What can you do to live every day to the fullest?

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