Mental Roadblocks – Oust Them By Asking, “Why Not?”

The biggest mental roadblock to promotion? It was me. Not knowledge, not systems, and not politics. The mental roadblocks were created by me!

mental roadblocks and why not

The Beginning of a Journey

When I began this journey to remove my mental roadblocks a few months ago, I was asked a simple question: "Why not?"

The situation was this: my now-former supervisor was scrolling through
the list of internal job postings at my company. She was listing several
that she thought would be interesting to me.

She asked, "Have you applied for any of these?"

I replied, "No, I haven't."

She followed that up with, "Why not?"

The Problem Was Me

It was in this moment -- where I attempted to answer -- that I froze. Fortunately, I was two months into a new area of "study" for me -- looking at mindset, attitude, and thoughts -- and how mindset and thoughts could help you to move forward in life or freeze you in place.

As a result, I stopped myself as I began to run through my "reasons:"

"I don't know the systems."

"Maybe I can't deal with the politics."

"I'm not sure if I'm good enough."

"I don't know the departments well enough."

Every time I tried to speak an answer, I stopped myself. These answers had everything to do with why I didn't think the job was appropriate for me.

*They had nothing to do with whether or not I was qualified for the job.*

*They had nothing to do with whether or not I could do some research/networking and learn about how to do the job.*

Above all, these were all in my mind.

The biggest mental roadblock to promotion? It was me. Not knowledge, not systems, and not politics.

Removing Mental Roadblocks

I was my own worst enemy.

Even though I had these mental roadblocks in place, I just needed to act. I needed to act based on the faith placed in me by others and based on what has been spoken over me in God's word.

And, quite frankly, if I did nothing, that was exactly what would change. Nothing.

So, I not only acted, but I went all in! After all, I didn't have anything to lose. 😉

I learned politics, learned about relationships, learned departments and systems, and took every opportunity to create an advantage for myself. And....for every "mental roadblock," I trusted that God would fill the gaps, teach me all things, and show me things to come.

Now, here I stand, at the beginning of a new stage of my life...all because I acted in spite of my mental roadblocks and fears.

I acted in spite of the "you're not worthy" mindset that has hovered over my family for over 200 years.

And -- quite frankly -- if I can do it, anyone can.

What Mental Roadblocks do *you* have?

What is your dream? Do you have a goal?

Learn the politics.
Find the knowledge.
Explore the systems.
Learn the people.
Improve your networking skills.
Find out who is willing and able to mentor you.

Then, act!

And, have faith.

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