What is My Dream Job?

What is my dream job? JamesBrewster.com is part of that dream job! I want to succeed and prosper so that I can help others and show them how to do the same!

One question that you usually hear asked is, “What is your dream job?”

If you asked me what my dream job was, I’d have to say that the JamesBrewster.com is part of it! I started this site because I wanted to chronical my journey.  I am a computer geek and I love bacon. I’m taking care of my family.  However, I’ve realized that if I can take the steps needed to improve myself, change my mindset, and prosper so that I can help others.

Why This Dream Job?

In recent years, I’ve been piecing together a dream. I’ve been envisioning a world where people are free to be the people whom God wants them to be. 

However, that’s impossible where people are. The average family is knee-deep in debt. The average person isn’t really prepared for life as an adult (financially speaking). Average people grow up thinking that “life” consists of working, paying bills, and watching Netflix in the evenings.

I realized that I can’t let God use me if I’m serving my bills and only paying debt. I’d always heard that you’re selfish if you want money – that you should be “content” with what you have. I’ve realized that when I said, “I only need enough for my needs,” I was as selfish as the millionaire who hoarded money.

Why? Because we’re both focused on one person—ourselves! The truly generous person wants more than enough. Generous people can get out of debt and make money – not for themselves, but for others.

In addition, the person who is debt free can do what they want to and follow their dreams. The typical person in the United States today can’t follow their dreams because they are forced to work to pay bills.

What Will I Be Doing?

As such, my dream job is doing more of what I’m doing now – helping people to learn about finances, work to become debt free, and build alternate streams of income so that they will be free to do what they are born to do. In a nutshell, all the information I am learning, my “dream” is to pass that knowledge onto others.

JamesBrewster.com is just a part of that dream “job” that I am seeking. I want to help others to break the chains of debt and lack of knowledge and chase after that dream they were born to achieve.

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