Will My New Year’s Resolutions Survive?

I’ve always done New Year’s Resolutions. However, this time was different. If I didn’t make these resolutions stick, I may lose my very future.

Like one light bulb in the center of thousands of darkened bulbs, I had to find the strength to be a light when it seemed like there was only darkness.

New Year's Resolutions are great. Right?

It's February 5th.

Can I give up already?

I haven't thought that. Not really.

I began the new year with a bit of a jot. Yes, it was a new year, and it was the "normal" time to "start over" and change behaviors. However, it was also a time of me facing down several inner demons that had been with me all of my life. I came face to face with the negative behaviors that controlled me for almost 43 years.

What Changed?

I had to look at these dark places in my soul. I had to look at who I really was. Where was I going....really?

I had my beliefs, my behaviors, and my traditions. Have they really helped? Were they really helping me to improve and prosper? Or, was I just wasting money? Was I wasting energy? Was I using up the best years of my life because I was too stubborn...too scared...to try something different?

These New Year's Resolutions aren't about changing things around because 2019 was starting.

I was tired.

Tired of being the same old frightended boy with the same old debt, hitting the same old dead ends.

I had to find the light in a world where so many other light bulbs were bathed in darkness. I had to find encouragement at a time when other people accidentl -- or purposely -- tried to kill others' hopes, dreams, and faiths.

A New Type of New Year's Resolution

The thing about New Year's Resolutions: I thought they were complete crap.

You do them for a few months -- or a month -- then go back to your normal routine. In fact, research has shown that most New Year's Resolutions are dropped by the end of February.

That's a horrible price to pay. You are working on changing something minor -- or changing your family tree -- and the New Year's Resolutions can't even last for two months?!

However, I realized not long ago that I have no choice. I must change. My New Year's Resolutions are not just about being cool or trying to change minor things.

I must change. I must improve. I must evolve.

To fail means that I risk going back to "normal." To fail means that I may not be able to take care of my family, help my daughter to follow her dreams, or change my family tree.

"I cannot afford to waste any more time. Each day I spend chained to my old patterns, beliefs, and behaviors is a day that I will never get back. Each day spent destroying my future increases the chances that I may never build the legacy I want to leave."

James Brewster

Where Do I Go From Here?

The answer is clear.

I must learn -- even if it is one word at a time.

I must improve -- even if it is 1% at a time.

I must pay down debt -- even if it is 1 cent at a time.

I must develop a thicker skin -- even if it is one layer at a time.

I must become the man that I need to be -- even if it means facing many growing pains.

These New Year's Resolutions are different. I'm not just fighting for my myself and my family.

I am fighting for my legacy.

...and I cannot afford to go back.

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