Twenty Facts About Me

Find out twenty facts about me!

  1. I was born in New Mexico.
  2. I do not like green chile (long story, I’ll do another post about this someday).
  3. When I attended a Lutheran Middle School, I was Protestant. When I attended a Catholic High School, I was Methodist.
  4. I like massages. I’m quite good at giving them, also.
  5. I am double-jointed in my shoulders. (Yes, makes for some interesting pictures/videos!)
  6. I’ve been perfecting my current rum cake recipe for about 12 years. (Yes, yes, I’ll post it around the holiday season!)
  7. I speak (some) Spanish. Not just the curse words. If you drop me off in Mexico, I can keep from starving and find shelter.
  8. Anyone who finds out that I’m from New Mexico never asks if I know Spanish…. mostly because I’m Black.
  9. My favorite sport growing up was Track.
  10. My favorite sport now is baking bacon.
  11. I don’t really have a favorite sports team. Mostly because New Mexico never *had* any professional teams.
  12. I started in my current career (Financial Services) by accident.
  13. I worked at Home Depot for 6-1/2 years.
  14. No, I will not do your plumbing for you. I dislike plumbing.
  15. I am a computer nerd and can build a computer with parts, but I only know enough about cars to execute basic maintenance.
  16. I like to dance. Latino, swing, hip-hop.
  17. My most painful injury was when I “kneed” a fire hydrant with my knee cap. I believe I curled up into the fetal position for 5 minutes before I could move.
  18. I am not afraid of bugs. Unless they are on me. Then I freak out.
  19. I can write poetry.
  20. My favorite movie is “Master and Commander.”

That concludes the “20 Facts About Me.” So, if you see some odd things out of me as I continue to manage/grow www.JamesBrewster.com …you know why. 😉

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