Introducing me — James Brewster — and my journey!

I’m a normal guy, a computer gamer and a bacon lover. For thirty-nine years of my life, I believed that I was destined to live a boring life — the normal rat-race. I believed that I couldn’t change my financial circumstances. But no more. And I’m going to tell the world about my journey!

"Don't Let Someone's Past
Dictate Your Future."

James Brewster

Who am I?

I’m James. You probably already know me as the person who runs the web site “JamesBrewster.com.” However, I’ve yet to introduce myself and my journey!

I consider myself a normal, everyday male. I like computer war games that go “boom.” So, how did I come to build a web site that and talks about personal finance, money mindset, and the dreams? That’s a good question.

My life – form the time I grew up to the present – has been filled with stress, failures, and negative events.. Growing up was a test of sorts; I grew up dealing with a birth defect that limited what I could do and who I could hang out with. Living in a family that was part family, part warring factions. Giving up on a lifelong dream because of a fear of what would happen with my birth defect. Contracting mononucleosis in college and almost losing my life. Dealing with the negative values instilled I me since childhood that told me that I didn’t deserve to prosper, that I couldn’t prosper.

It’s all been about stress. It’s all been about believing that I didn’t deserve to catch a break. It’s all been about the perpetual life where I had to go to work, watch TV, and pay bills.

What's Changed?

These past three years have seen more growth than I’ve seen in the previous 39. Yup. I said it. I’m 42, and I’m only now starting to see, starting to understand what God has for me. I’m starting to realize that I deserve to get ahead. I belong in a happy family. God wants me to prosper so that I can start caring for others instead of always having to focus on bills and the craziness of life.

I’ve learned the hard way that people don’t take care of themselves. They don’t believe in themselves. They believe that they are destined to struggle through life financially. I’ve learned that the phrase, “Only the rich get richer, and I don’t deserve to prosper,” is a lie. Those are all the things that I’m dealing with.

What about JamesBrewster.com and my journey?

I’ve learned that it’s not about me. It’s not about what I can do for myself at all! It’s about what God wants me to do for the world! This brings us back to JamesBrewster.com.

I saw a quote on Facebook a few days ago. To paraphrase, “Your journey may be the key that unlocks someone's prison. As such, I am documenting my struggles, my successes, my journey. My hope and prayer is that this journey – in addition to breaking me free from my past – may help someone else to break free from theirs!

I live in Denver, Colorado. I work full-time at a financial services firm. I like bacon. I have a four-year-old daughter. I like walking, hiking, camping, and diving to see new places. I would like to go back to Hawaii someday. I like giving (and receiving) massages.

So, that’s me. James. Family man. Bacon lover. Computer game player. And someone who’s here to remind the world, “Don’t let someone's past dictate your future!”

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